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Dog-On Bag Motorcycle (wide)

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Wide Dog-On Bags make it possible to carry one larger pet or two small pets comfortably.

The Dog-On Bag is a hands free pet carrier that makes your small pet comfortably portable. It comes in various colors and patterns, and is reversible by design. I also do special orders. The Dog-On Bag hands free pet carrier accommodates pets up to 15 lbs. The cross strap design take the weight off your shoulders while pet has a comfortably, cozy ride in a pouch. Great for bike or motorcycle rides, traveling, site seeing or just running errands. Any time you want your pet close and have your hands free. All bags are machine washable, lightweight and easy to pack.

There is a hidden pocket between the exterior and the lining.  This is a great place for keys, wallet, cell phone, or for cold pack in the summer or warm pack in winter to keep your little one comfortable.

Why the holes?

I have been asked this many times.  The holes make the Dog-On Bag reversible.  It also allows some air flow.  Hooch loves to get in the bottom of the bag and stick his nose out one of the holes and his tail out the other.  Most times his tail sticks out anyway.

Some are concerned their little one might fall through the hole.  If so when ordering request they be stitched.  Otherwise your little one's favorite blanket or towel can be used to line the bottom and make them a little more cozy.