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Hooch. The little deaf dog that cured me.

Agoraphobia sucks!  Your mind is your prison.  Everything is a threat.  Anything or nothing can send you into a panic attack.  There is no possible way to lead a normal life.

That is how my life was.  To top that our Dalmatian Binky was at his end and we had to make that necessary decision.

Shortly after our dear Binky was gone, my husband and I began to search for a little dog for me.  We found a French Mastiff we named Gunny.  That's another story.  Two weeks later I discovered a post on Craigslist of a 5 pound Chihuahua that needed rehoming.  The military family that had him, had taken him in from another military family that had moved on.  I called and told the lady I was interested and when my husband got home from work, we would come get him.  She said if he was still there I could have him.  Worried someone else might beat me there, I called my best friend and asked her to drive me out to get him.  We left right away.

It was love at first sight, for me anyway.  He sang, we now call it screaming, all the way home.  I was nervous to introduce him to Gunny, which was ridiculous.  Gunny thought we brought him a gift.  They became best friends.  Again, another story.

We discovered Hooch was deaf a few weeks after he arrived.  He wanted me to hold and carry him all the time.  Doing dishes, vacuuming, scrubbing, doing laundry, whatever I was doing, Hooch was in my left arm.  I started to get tennis elbow.  I started looking for a carrier to keep him close and give me the freedom of my arms.  I bought a few pet carriers, tried some baby carriers, and even made a couple myself.  Finally out of nowhere, I came up with a design that worked.  The Dog-On Bag hands free pet carrier. And once more, another story.

Hooch was now able to be with me not only while I was doing housework, but out and about.  I ventured further and further for longer periods of time.  In his bag Hooch loved to go for bike rides.  We started out on quick little rides.  One of our favorite places to bike was Outer Banks of North Carolina.  With Hooch as my protector I was able to bike 20 mile trails.  I could interact with people and live my life again.

To this day our longest ride so far was from the Avon Pier to Hattarasman's restaurant on Hatteras Island.  Almost 40 miles.  Just me and my little deaf dog.

Hooch and I teamed up with Sandy, Master Chief and Sophia.  She creates beautiful handmade collars, harnesses, and of course the Port-a-Poo pack clean up system.


My Hooch crossed the Rainbow Bridge March 19, 2019. He may not be here physically, but he will forever be in my heart and continue to touch lives through his legacy the Dog-On Bag hands free pet carrier.